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Johan Eckerström

Atlassian Expert – Consulting

I love technology, quality and innovation. 
I have experience in improving development- and operations processes by introducing Continuous Delivery and DevOps. These practices gives a lot of value and quality improvements and minimise risks.
-I have been working 12 years with system development and complex implementation projects at big international manufacturing companies.
- I have an excellent feeling for quality and details and can drive projects forward in a pragmatic way. 
- I have been part of building up a company from first startup phase to becoming a more mature company with established processes. 
- I am experienced in continuous delivery, project management, agile methods, system integration, requirements, product- and software development, leadership, sales contracts and RFQs , bid management process, consulting, support and customer success, DevOps


Other fun and recreational hobbies of mine:

Hunting, shooting, road cycling, tennis, family, travelling, cooking eating great food, drinking, adidas, Japanese design and handcraft on youtube :-), gardening tomatoes on the balcony, running, gym...

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